Stata Why Use

Who uses Stata?

  -A- accounting actuarial sciences aerospace agriculture animal science anthropology archaeology architecture art astronomy automotive -B- biochemistry bioinform...

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How to automate common tasks

Automating common tasks is crucial to effective data analysis. Automation saves you lots of time from repeating the same sets of operations, and it reduces errors by redu...

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Data management

Importing/exporting data Import and export data from Excel .xls and .xlsx files Import and export CSV and delimited data Copy/paste data from spreadsheets Input data in...

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Mata—Stata's serious programming language

Mata is a programming language that looks a lot like Java and C but adds direct support for matrix programming. Mata is a compiled language, which makes it fast. You can ...

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Stata is easy to grow with

Consistent command syntax Stata's commands are intuitive and easy to learn. Even better, everything you learn about performing a task can be applied to other tasks. Need ...

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Publication-quality Graphics

Many graph styles Bar charts  (video tutorial) Box plots  (video tutorial) Histograms  (video tutorial) Spike plots  Pie charts  (video tutorial) Scatterplot ma...

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